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What to expect your first visit?
After one session with Roseann, I experienced tremendous relief from an old injury.  At midlife, with direction from Roseann, I am restoring my body  with increased flexibility and mobility. It is so exciting!  She is gifted.  
- Jan H.

"After my first two sessions, I was able to run without pain. Roseann did more for me in those two sessions than my chiropractor did for me in a year!!
- Seth G.
Your first appointment will be your most unique appointment!

  • Wear comfortable clothing that moves freely! This ensures a comfortable experience for you and allows for efficient results during your session. Denim and business attaire are strongly discouraged.
  • Be open to communicating with the therapist

Many times when you are experiencing discomfort, there are solutions to make the experience less intense. Please speak up! Stretch Therapy is intended to be a gentle process, while there may be moments of unavoidable discomfort depending on your body's condition, the majority of the time discomfort isn't necessary.

  •  Be prepared to fill out some simple paper work
  •  Please be prepared to discuss your physical condition (test films and medical papers are helpful)

The more detail you are able to provide about your body's condition allows for you to be serviced more effectively 

  • Don't expect to be fixed in one day!

Please be realistic about your results, while it is possible to notice drastic results on your first visit, this isn't always true for everybody. Keep in mind your body didn't achieve its current status in one day and it won't be resolved in one day either. However with consistent appointments and your cooperation of maintaining a stretching regimen at home, you will experience the most yielding results!

Bringing You a Stretch Closer to Better Health!
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