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Hello my name is Roseann Stewart, I am better known as, "The Stretch Lady"! Please allow me to tell you a little about myself and what I've done. Thank you for stopping by!

Roseann's One Stop Body Shop LLC or ROSBS for short was founded by me, Roseann Stewart August 14, 2008. My education and training are founded in Health and Exercise Science, Massage Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). 

My passion is AIS; it is an incredible technique that is used for manipulating the body's flexibility and posture all through the stretching of your muscles. 

Along with my experience through training, I have also worked with Aaron Mattes (who developed AIS) both at his clinic and as an assistant at his training seminars. I have also taught individual classroom instruction for AIS.

I have been contracted to work with a Mixed Martial Arts facility by the name of Crystal Fight Club, where I tended to the fighters during training times, before and after fights. I have worked with the Plymouth Armstrong High School's girl's volleyball team, De La Salle's girl's high school basketball team, and have worked with a private senior's home facility, to name a few.

Although I am often seeing individual clients privately in my office in St. Louis Park, MN; I am always open to catering my stretching services to various institutions, sports training venues, and office setting.

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