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What is Stretch Therapy?

Also known as Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S) was developed by Aaron Mattes. It is a dynamic method used to individually isolate and manipulate the muscles in the body. This method is used to release overly tight muscles with minimal agitation, therefore allowing the client to experience optimal lasting results.

How does it work?

It works with the client helping the therapist by moving their limb to the end of their range of motion.  The therapist then assists the client by gently stretching the limb slightly past its limit and only holds the stretch for a few seconds.  The stretch is then repeated as many times as the therapist sees necessary. This method allows the muscle to release without irritation, therefore increasing the limb’s range of motion.

How does it benefit the body?

Stretch Therapy stimulates an increased flow of rich oxygenated blood throughout the body, especially within the limb being stretched. 
This rich blood flow increases the body’s healing capabilities and at the same time flushes out toxins within the body. 
Flushing out toxins in the body not only has healing potential, but preventative potential as well! 

Who does it benefit?

Everybody!  It doesn't matter if you are young or old, if you have body aches or not, everybody can use Stretch Therapy for one reason or another. 
Stretch Therapy can be effective with the following:

•     Reducing intensity of child delivery
•     Correcting neurological and muscular conditions
•     Reliving Sore and unbearable feet
•     Reliving chronic neck and back pain 
•     Reducing chance of injury
•     Increasing recovery time
•     Improving and maintaining flexibility

Stretch Therapy is not limited to only the above situations. 
Please feel free to ask about your personal condition(s)!

How is Stretch Therapy different from Massage Therapy?

First of all this is just what it sounds like, stretching. Although commonly associated with massage, this is NOT a different type of massage, rather a different form of Body Work! Stretch Therapy is also different, because it is highly efficient for targeting the actual problem within the body and not the just symptom.  Symptoms are an indicator of something else going on in the body, many times the source of the problem and the location of the symptom are in two different places.

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